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Notice of 2022 summer season opening

Summer season business will start from June 4, 2022.
Some of the business contents have been changed to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.


It is now possible to make a reservation by specifying a section on all sites.

As a result, the car site and view site prices have changed according to the area.

For details, please specify the date on the online reservation page and check.

Plans and three-dimensional drawings have been posted on the introduction page of each site to make it easier to understand the division size.

Refurbished tree house

The lighting, tarp, chairs, tableware, cooking utensils, etc. have been renewed to make it more comfortable than ever.

Click here for details

Indoor handmade experience menu is scheduled to start in July

The fishing pond is scheduled to start on June 18th

Measures against infectious diseases in the management building toilets and kitchens

Our staff regularly disinfects and disinfects, but it is not perfect because there are times when staff are not stationed, such as at night or early in the morning. Therefore, it is necessary for customers to take necessary measures themselves, so please keep this in mind when using the service.

Campsite MAP


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