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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kaze no Tani campsite like?

・When it rains, some places become muddy.
・There are waterside environments such as rivers and ponds around, so you can feel cool.
*When small children are playing near the water, please make sure that an adult keeps an eye on them.

■ About the use of the campsite

 check in13:00-17:00

 Early check-in will be handled depending on the reservation status of the previous day, so please contact us.

(Additional charge for early check-in: 1,000 yen per block, starting at 11:00)

 check out​ 9:00-11:00

​  Please contact us if you would like to check out early in the morning.

 Late check-out will be handled depending on the reservation status of the next day, so please inquire at check-in.
(Late check-out additional charge: 1,000 yen/1 section: 13

■I would like to go camping...

Q.What tools do I need?

・Tent ・Sleeping bag ・Shruff mat ・Lantern ・Flashlight
・Table ・Chair ・Screen tent or tarp ・BBQ stove
・Insect repellent spray

Q.Can I camp when it rains?

・The campsite is open even if it rains.
However, be sure to bring rain gear and measures against the cold!
Please check in advance for leaks in the tent.
Camping in the rain is also pleasant, but there are dangers such as rising rivers.
Enjoy without overdoing it!
There are tables and chairs in the administration building (forest kitchen), so please use them.

Q.Is there a garbage station?


・Please dispose of garbage in the special compost bin.

*Please do not put garbage other than raw garbage such as plastic in the compost.
・Please take all other garbage home with you.
*Distant(Outside Hokkaido)We will collect 45L bags for 300 yen only for customers from and customers other than cars.


■ About the tent site

Q.Can I specify the site?

All sites can be specified at the time of booking.

■When you enter the campsite...

Please hang the check-in card we will give you at the front desk on the dashboard of your car (car site only) or on the pole of your tent so that the staff can check whether you have checked in when making patrols.


■ For those who use the administration building (Forest Kitchen)...

Q. What do you have in the administration building (forest kitchen)?

The administration building has a kitchen with hot water and a BBQ corner.
In addition, during the day, there are hands-on corners such as fishing ponds and forest crafts, which are used by many people. Please cooperate so that other customers can use it comfortably.

Q.Can I use the BBQ corner freely?

If you are a customer who came to camp, you can use the BBQ corner freely.
The use time of the BBQ corner is basically available until 21:00, although the experience is given priority.
Please use the rental items for the stove and net, or bring your own.

Compatible stove size up to 330mm in height and 480mm in width

Q, How should I clean up after using the BBQ corner?

Basically, we will return it to the state before use.
Please dispose of charcoal at the charcoal disposal site.
Please be careful when handling fire.

Q.Can I leave my luggage in the administration building?

As a general rule, we cannot store your luggage.
Also, please note that we are not responsible for any accidents or thefts in the campsite.
Please manage your luggage (especially valuables) by yourself.


■ Restrooms and shower rooms

There are 1 large and 1 small men's washrooms and 2 women's washrooms in the management building (Mori-no-Kitchen).

There are no shower rooms available as this area is well-equipped with hot spring facilities. Please use the nearby hot spring facilities.


■ Suburban facilities

Q. About convenience stores

Seven-Eleven Niseko store is 2.3km (4 minutes by car)
3.1 km to Seicomart Niseko store (6 minutes by car)



■ About reservations and cancellations

Q.I would like to make a reservation.

For reservations, please apply by phone reservation.
The number of sites is limited, so please contact us in advance.
The business period is from June to the end of October.
Inquiries are accepted all year round.

Q, I would like to cancel...

No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations due to bad weather (typhoon, advisory, warning level heavy rain).
Please note that a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged from one week in advance, and 100% on the day of the reservation.


■ Items accompanied by fire

Q.Can I have a bonfire?

Please be sure to use the bonfire.

Deluxe Sites and Treehouses allow open fires in the bonfire pits.
You can use the shared bonfire pit in front of the administration building at your leisure.


Q, fireworkscan you
Only handheld fireworks are allowed.
Please use the deluxe site and tree house near the bonfire pit
For other sites, please use near the shared bonfire pit in front of the administration building.
Also, please refrain from using fireworks after 21:00.

■ Pets

Q.Can I bring my pet?

It is possible, but some customers are not good with animals, so free-range animals are prohibited.
Please be sure to wear a leash or move with a gauge.
Also, barking dogs are a nuisance to other guests, so please refrain from doing so.
Please be sure to take your pet's excrement home with you. Also, bring a deodorizing spray.
In addition, it is prohibited to bring them into the management building (Mori no Kitchen).


■Other precautions

・The area around the river that runs through the campsite has been left almost untouched.
There are steep slopes and cliffs, so please be careful and slow down when moving.
・We are aiming for a campsite with a good view, quietness, and comfort.
Please refrain from any behavior that may cause trouble for other guests (party noise, etc.).
・Please note that we are not responsible for any theft, loss, vehicle accident, etc. that occur in our campsite.
・Karaoke and generators are prohibited.

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