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tree house


A two-tiered wooden deck on top of a large oak tree

There is a sleeping space for up to 4 people and a BBQ space covered with a tarp on top of a large oak tree with a spectacular view of Mt. Yotei.

Site equipment
Tree house (capacity 4 people), tarp, 1 BBQ stove, table, workbench, chair, bench, bonfire pit, lantern, tableware, cooking utensils, coffee set, gas stove, cooler box, private parking lot (1 car)

Equipment in the tree house
Cushion x 2, mattress x 2, camping roll mat x 2, sheets, pillow x 4, storage shelf, power supply, LED lantern

BBQ net, work gloves, tongs, tongs, fan, water tank (10L)





Safe even on rainy days, equipped with power supply and BBQ table

The wooden bungalow consists of a room of about 6 tatami mats and a terrace. If you have a small number of people, you can have a BBQ on the terrace.
There is a space for setting up a tarp next to the bungalow.

Site equipment
Bungalow (capacity 6 people), BBQ table, chairs, benches, private parking lot (1 car)

Bungalow facilities
Cushion, power supply, lighting


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