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For groups / school excursions / travel agencies

For over 18 years, Kaze no Tani Campsite, which is based in Hokkaido's great nature, Niseko Town, has been providing outdoor, indoor, lunch, and other experiences to various companies, travel groups, school trips, and special needs schools. We have been offering.


From 2016, we have started accepting groups from companies, travel groups, school excursions, special schools for the disabled, and travel agencies.


In addition to the fresh air and clean spring water, the Niseko surrounding environment includes the world-famous Mt. Mountains, Showa Shinzan, Shinsen Marsh, alpine plants and animals unique to Hokkaido.

We believe that it is a wonderful environment where you can feel various viewpoints, the ability to think, the feeling of sharing, the importance of time, and the feeling of gratitude for nature in this wonderful environment.


Our activities will continue to be environmentally friendly and safe, and we will continue to make efforts every day so that you can return home with excitement.        Kaze no Tani campsite staff



Acceptable capacity Up to 100 people

Parking lot: 65 cars

Large buses: up to 6

4 toilets



Saison club all activities, restaurant lunch, BBQ.

We would like to answer your request as much as possible.


Contact information

TEL    :  080-6077-5978 (Contact: Miyazaki)

FAX    :  0136-58-2359 

Email  :

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