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1st Kaze no Tani Outdoor Music Festival June 23-24, 2018

The first music event will be held on the newly established stage in the campsite! On the 23rd, "Outdoor Dance Music Nights" by DJs of all genres. On the 24th, the roots reggae band "Punpare Band", which is active in the Iburi Shiribeshi area, will perform a special live performance, such as thumb pianos (kalimba, etc.) and traditional instruments that are active mainly in Kagoshima. A 2-day camping event with a musician "Sakaki Mango" who made full use of

  • Admission fee: Donation system (from 1 yen onwards) accepted at the entrance gate

  • Camp usage fee: Tent/tarp   1 each  2000 yen
    On the day of the event, it is not possible to specify or make a reservation for the section because it is a free site.
    (Up to about 30 tents, first-come-first-served basis  Entrance for campers starts at 15:00)

  • Notes:        
              Drinks/alcoholic beverages are not allowed (children's drinks are allowed)
              In case of rain, the event will be held at the "Forest Kitchen" inside the campsite.

  • Various inquiries:   
              Representative/responsible person: Wataru Miyazaki

  • Venue: Saison Club Kaze no Tani Campsite (355-2 Soga, Niseko Town)

Time table

The 23rd


17:00-21:00 "Outdoor Dance Music Nights!" by DJs of all genres        
        Nobuyoshi Chiba (Uwamuki), Shin5, JT

 21:00-23:00    "Midnight Lounge with Campfire" (for campers) in an ambient atmosphere

7:00- Mori no Kitchen Brakefast menu (for campers)
10:00~  Forest expedition (ages 5 to 16) up to 15 people, first-come-first-served basis Free entry   Meet in front of the stage
12:00- Forest Kitchen: BBQ Corner OPEN
14:00- Band Performance: "Pumpare Band"
16:00~   Special Live: "Sakaki Mango"
            bsp; Flying Thumb Tour ~ Land in Satsuma from Africa! ~  


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